Slingshot Hunting Tips For Beginners


Well, today our team thought we’d share some cool slingshot hunting tips for enthusiasts who are just got into the game as there’s no reliable beginners guide on the Internet. This guide is a no BS, straight to the point one that’s easy for anyone to understand. We’ve prepared this guide with great care and have managed to include all the basic slingshot hunting tips that’ll mould anyone with an interest into a good hunter. Keep in mind that these basic…
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[EPIC] The Scout Hunting Slingshot


Trusted by thousands of people, The Scout hunting slingshot is any hunter’s favourite pick. It’s also our primary choice among hunting slingshots. It’s build quality is phenomenal, designed to withstand rugged and heavy use. Stimulated via the award triumphing Axiom design and do it all FlippinOut extraordinary 3G forktips, the Scout Gen 2 slingshot from FlippinOut Slingshots represents precision, high-quality, and affordability in one do-it-all package deal. 100% designed and made inside the united states, The Scout comes from North Carolina. The glass…
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Y Shot Hunting Slingshot By Montie Gear


Heirloom quality products are rare these days. Montie Gear combines heirloom, handmade quality with modern technology! Once you hold this hunting slingshot in your hand you will understand why so many customers love their Y-Shot slingshot. Capable of firing a 3/8″ steel ball at speeds of upto 150 feet per second, this high performance slingshot is sure to outperform all expectations, with a design to match! Specifications: 1/2″ water jet cut aluminum frame 16 lbs pull weight with 28″ draw tapered Thera-Band Gold band with leather…
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Trumark Heavy Pull Power Slingshot Bands


These upgraded RR2 heavy pull power slingshot bands by Trumark Slingshots is much stronger than the original. If you’re making a slingshot and looking to assemble a heavy pull band,  then this one would be a great choice. As we’ve pointed out earlier,  Trumark makes quality products and the same can be said also for these heavy pull slingshot bands. They’re comfortable to use and accuracy has also improved. With RR2, the heavy pull is considerably strong. Heavy pull bands…
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Aftermath Kavia Elite Sport Slingshot

Aftermath Kavia Elite Hunting Slingshot

The Kavia Elite is Aftermath’s best hunting slingshot currently available. The results we got by using this slingshot for various purposes was great. It’s a powerful package suited for all types of people that also delivers in accuracy and durability. Packed in an all-black body that looks gorgeous,  Kavia Elite scores well in terms of looks. One area where Kavia Elite falls behind is in case of portability.  It’s not heavy but it’s form factor and design language makes it not so…
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Leather Slingshot Case By eFireBird

Leather Slingshot Case

Designed to show off the hunter inside you, this awesome looking slingshot case made of genuine leather is a must-have accessory for every slingshot hunter. Thanks to its open bottom design,  it can fit almost most slingshots easily. It’s extremely compact and light weight making it ultra portable. Also it comes with a belt clip, can carry it around easily without any bother.  Not to mention they look extremely cool. The design can be expressed in one word as…
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Best Steel Slingshot Ammo Balls By BC Precision

Slingshot Ammo Ball

BC Precision ammo packs need no introduction to most people. It’s the most widely used and best quality ammo balls available. It’s great to use with a wide brand of slingshots and is perfect for hunting. It’s our primary recommendation among slingshot ammo balls and trust us – they’re great Check out all user reviews on Amazon This pack contains of 500 ammo balls which are perfectly shaped and provides great grip, and also can be used for target shooting. The…
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Folding Slingshot By Trumark

Trumark Folding Slingshot

This hunting slingshot with a folding mechanism made by Trumark Slingshots is great for beginners. It’s crafted in such a way to ensure that it provides great accuracy and stability while you’re on the move. It comes in a color combination of black and yellow accompanied by the aluminum frame which provides great in hand feel. This hunting slingshot also offers great portability thanks to its folding mechanism and compact form factor. Age doesn’t become a barrier to use this…
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