The Ultimate Hunting Slingshot Buying Guide 2017


Slingshot hunting has never lost its charm till date. Eventhough more types of “weapons” have emerged for hunting, a good number of people prefer to hunt with a  hunting slingshot due to its ease of use, portability and the intense impact it can inflict with such a small form factor. As technology is rapidly evolving, slingshot manufacturers are equipping their high end hunting slingshots with features that no one could’ve imagined that it would become a part of traditional slingshots.

Keep scrolling to have a look our hunting slingshot collection that we put together considering all the aspects such as price, ease of use, reliability, accuracy, build quality and durability.

1. Spring Adjustable Stainless Steel Hunting Slingshot With Laser

Steel Hunting Slingshot With Laser

  • Commodity material: high quality aluminum alloy, Camouflage porcelain process will never fade
  • Slingshot with infrared sight, laser flashlight, a full range of more precise aiming point,Spring accelerates, strength is greater
  • This is a cold weapon or game tools for exercise arm strength, attention, eyesight, hunting etc.






2. Assolar SS-28  Powerful Stainless Hunting Laser SlingshotAssolar SS-28 Hunting Sligshot

  • Material:Stainless-Steel
  • Size:30x15x15.5cm
  • Slingshot with infrared sight, laser flashlight, a full range of more precise aiming point,Spring accelerates, strength is greater
  • Can be installed a arrow pad,used as a bow and arrow launchers(Does not contain the arrow)
  • This is a cold weapon or game tools for outdoor sport,most Powerful heavy slingshot please pay attention to safety use

3. Lolbuy Professional Hunting Slingshot


  • New design- powerful strength and functionality
  • Metal material,  a perfect ergonomic design, it’s spring-accelerated for the perfect combination of strength and accuracy
  • Strong magnetic wrist, absorption of steel balls.
  • Equipped with arrow stand, you can do archery, Laser aiming, Flashlight lighting


4. The Scout Hunting Slingshot


  • 100% American made, poly carbonate construction
  • The glass filled nylon construction provides an extremely strong and durable frame, capable of withstanding heavy use
  • Includes Latex Flatbands and the innovative, easy to use FlipClipsTM
  • Includes complete owners manual
  • Capable of shooting any elastic available
  • Fits any size shooter or shooting style

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5.  Tiger Slingshot Steel Hunting Slingshot


  • ✓ NEW INNOVATED POWER BAND – This slingshot has high quality really strong rubber bands, with make it one of the most powerful slingshots available
  • For outdoor hunting of medium-sized game at short ranges and fitness catapult of fowling and fishing
  • ✓ FULLY ADJUSTABLE SOLID STEEL FRAME – Black quality steel frame with extra-wide forks will stay in place every time you shoot. Easily adjustable with one big steel screw
  • ✓ ERGONOMIC MOLDED NONSLIP HANDLE GRIP – It’s easy to hold and comfortable in hand
  • Non-slip and sweat-absorbent kinking handle
  • ✓Quality tested and ensured for maximum durability.


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6. MoreFarther Professional Steel Hunting SlingshotMoreFarther Professional Hunting Slingshot


  • Metal Body and Wrist Support Frame Design – The whole metal body design makes the ejection base more stable. Steady handle and wrist support frame play a greater ejection intensity.
  • Magnet Design -The unique reserve marble design magnet makes it possible to quickly replenish the marbles. Yes, so fast!
  • Flashlight/Laser Stents Design – You can find all the targets in the night. Quickly and accurately hits the target.
  • Pack of 1x Professional Slingshot, 2x Rubber Band(3Strips+2Strips), About 200x Steel Balls,And Screw Key.


7. Torque Slingshot

Torque Slingshot


  • Made in the USA from virtually indestructible glass filled nylon
  • Ultra pocketable, lightweight, and capable of being fitted with heavy flatbands or tubes for hunting
  • Ambidextrous design, great for left or right hand shooters
  • Comes standard with 2040 looped tube bandset
  • Perfect for the bugout bag or tackle box
  • Includes full colour user manual



8. Trumark Slingshot With Fiber Optic Sights, Flashlight and Stabiliser.Trumark Slingshots Slingshot with Fiber Optic Sights, Flashlight & Stabiliser


  • Wrist stability and accuracy
  • Comfortable to Use and adjust to
  • For users all ages from Adults to Children
  • The first hunting slingshot designed to hold a Mini Maglite 2AA flashlight. Now you can shoot day or night with bulls-eye accuracy
  • At night you can light up and follow targets up to 100 feet distance
  • Zero in on the bull’s-eye with the fiber-optic sights. The optic sensors capture light rays which make the red and green sights glow for better shooting accuracy
  • The clear plastic-handle slides down the black-nylon frame and releases SA30 5/16″ ammo from the top. When pushed up the ammo chamber becomes “self-sealing”, and traps ammo in the handle

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9. AXE Pro Wood Handle Stainless Steel Slingshot

 AXE Pro Wood Handle Stainless Steel Slingshot


    • Tomahawk wood handle stainless steel hunting slingshot
    • Ergonomic molded handle grip
    • Top anti-rust stainless-steel
    • Top natural rubber latex
    • Top cow leather wrapper
    • Total Length:5.15” Handle Length:3.38”.Width(max):3.58” Thickness:0.23”




10. VERRY100 Ergonomic Wood Handle Slingshot

VERRY100 Ergonomic Wood Handle Slingshot


  • Redesigned with a wooden grip feels great in your hands
  • Made of alloy metal
  • Great for target practice fun
  • Top-grade leather round pouch
  • The weight of the slingshot is about 0.18Kg
  • Durable and reliable slingshot with high quality tubular thrust bands
  • In order to protect the slingshot in transit, the slingshot is not assembled.

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11. Y Shot Hunting Slingshot

Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot


  • A classic slingshot configuration with a rugged modern twist, perfect for target shooting or hunting and a favorite survival aid for campers, preppers, survivalists, hunters, and backpackers
  • Fully capable and ready to accept a multitude of Montie Gear attachments to improve your capabilities
  • This hunting slingshot is capable of holding the included high performance flat bands as well as a variety of other bands, including homemade ones (think inner tube if you were in a pinch).
  • Shoots ammo up to 1 inch in diameter (with the optional triple layer band). Add the optional arrow rest to shoot arrows.
  • Frame is lightweight but engineered for strength, using a water jet process to cut the pieces from a sheet of 6061 Aluminum
  • Product is locally made in North Carolina


12. The Pocket Shot Slingshot

The Pocket Shot

The Pocket Shot is truly an evolution of the traditional  slingshots. Designed in a new way, this new circular hunting slingshot has made it to the travel bags of many hunters. The patented circular design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for hunters and recreational use as its tiny size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack while storing ammo in its watertight compartment. Up to 350 feet per second, the Pocket Shot is not a toy. Created and built in the USA, the production team takes pride in their epic invention and hopes you enjoy it as much as they do.

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  • With the patented design,  the world’s only circular slingshot manufacturer
  • NEW HIGH IMPACT INNER RING MATERIAL –  Won’t chip, crack or break.
  • Up to 350 ft per second, and tiny in size (only 2.3 in by 1.3 in when closed).
  • Store ammo inside of the unit with it’s water tight cap.
  • Includes two replaceable Pouches. One standard and one Pro-pouch. 

13. Thinkbay Olympus Theraband Slingshot

Thinkbay Olympus Theraband Slingshot Hunting Wood Slingshot


  • The catapult is made of high-end wood with fine detailed texture and smooth surface,It is modest luxury and offers pure natural skin feel
  • The narrowing slots are innovatively designed for equipping theraband can be fixed tightly,Considerate arc head reduce the abrasion of rubber bands
  • Elaborate handle accords with the holding hand palm and drives the fingers stressed equally,offering excellent hand feel
  • Package included:1 PCS Olympus Slingshot+2 PCS Pipe Rubber Bands+1 PCS Two Stripes Theraband 


Best Hunting Slingshot Ammo


BC Precision Steel Slingshot Ammo

Slingshot Ammo

A great choice to use with most brands of slingshots, BC Precision Slingshot Ammo helps you get the most out of your slingshot. Suitable for hunting and target shooting, this shot is perfectly shaped, giving you an easy grip for a smooth pull back to shooting position with less hand strain. Grade A balls are perfectly round with no flat spots for smooth, accurate flight.

  • Great ammo for most hunting slingshots
  • No.1 bestseller in steel slingshot ammo
  • Tried and tested by many hunters
  • Suitable for slingshot hunting or target shooting
  • Smooth shape for great feel and long flight

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